Bilotta Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of every home

Designing and building kitchens and bathrooms as unique as you.

Bilotta is a family-owned residential construction business specializing in high-end bathrooms and kitchens in the tri-state region. I was tasked with the responsibility of translating their craftsmanship to a digital experience.

Building upon their existing print collateral, I designed the website to reflect the established branding from their brochure – the use of carefully balanced whitespace with large photography.

Upon entering the site, visitors get a sense of the quality and care that goes into each build. The user experience of the website becomes a part of Bilotta's brand.

IA, UI/UX, Design, Web Development

The Result

Bilotta Kitchens
but wait there's more

A Responsive Email Template

After the website was complete, I continued working with the client to build two email templates. Since mobile devices are currently used most to open emails, it was important to build mobile-friendly email templates.

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